Welcome to the first episode of Like Father, Like Fun!

I’m your girl dad (and boy dad) host, Carl Waldron, and this show is all about sharing your fatherly fandoms with your kids, family, and friends.

Like Father, Like Fun breakdown

Like Father, Like Fun – A fatherly fandom podcast

This show is a positive, healthy space for dads to explore how nerdy they are about their favorite things. Whether comic books, movies, TV, tabletop games, power tools, chopping wood, cooking, or sheep herding.

Whatever your specific fandom is, I celebrate it and you. I want to hear all your fun stories about you sharing that unique dad fandom with your kids, family, and friends.

At the moment, this will be a weekly 10-minute show. That could change depending on what you want to hear. Like Father, Like Fun is dedicated not only to my fandoms, including comics, video games, and paper collecting (more on that later) but also to engaging with you and exploring the community’s favorite things.

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